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I chose the name “Scrappy Dudes” because I wanted to reiterate the fact that they are made from scraps. They are not perfect, polished, and refined products. They are flawed, handmade, and disproportionate. I feel that adds to the charm. They are a bit rugged. I am inspired by the work of Tim Burton. His characters have been embraced by children even though they are a bit dark and edgy.

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Maurice Sendak, commented on his book Where the Wild Things Are as being “published to a lot of noise…and carings on that this would frighten children. Well, I knew it wouldn’t because it didn’t frighten me and I trusted myself and my own instincts. And it didn’t frighten children; and if it did frighten some children well okay perhaps it had to. I mean why would any one book be good for all children? That’s silly. I mean no grown-up book is good for all people, so we must not assume that even a book that has won a Caldecott is appropriate for every child reading it.”

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