In the book “Maybe, I am …”, I chose to make Audrey, the first doll I had created, into the main character. The book is about Audrey going to her first day of school. She meets another little girl who asks her where she is from. Audrey doesn’t know her nationality. She then eats sushi and thinks “I like this maybe I am Japanese.” She then takes a flamenco class and thinks, “I like this maybe I am from Spain.” The day progresses and she discovers new things and new interests. She later discovers that she is Dominican American but learns that this does not impede her from embracing other cultures and perusing other interests. It is a book about self-discovery and embracing different cultures. It is about those unintentional lessons learned in the classroom. This story was actually derived from a book I had created when I was much younger. Its title was Ramona y sus varias culturas. It was written in Spanish. I illustrated the book myself. When I was younger I desperately wanted to become a writer.


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