Hi everyone! I have Lenox here with me today and he’s really excited to talk about a couple things. What’s up Lenox? Well Drew, I saw my friend Audrey in a book the other day! I’m so happy for her, that must have been fun to be in. Reading “Maybe I Am…” taught me more about Audrey that I had no idea about. It also made me think about where I’m from as well. I usually see Audrey at school in some classes and didn’t know she likes to eat sushi. That’s so cool! I knew she was good in gym class, but wow, she tried a flamenco class as well? I really liked her Russian snowglobe and dolls. I have one too that’s of a winter scene! I can’t wait to see Audrey at school and talk with her more.

Well Lenox, thanks for sharing about your reading of the book. If you would like to read “Maybe I am…” click here to buy your copy.


Happy Wednesday,