Scrappy Dudes was eager to participate at a fair hosted by Holy Face Monastery in Clifton, NJ.

Ms. Vanessa Campos

Thank you so much for your presentation and book reading for the children of St. John the Baptist Cathedral during their annual picnic. It was truly an honor to have you participate in the program.

The children were awed by your reading and your charming manners. Having the honor of being read to from your book “Maybe I Am… and Quizas Yo Soy…“ is an experience that they will cherish for years to come. Your book teaches them how to be proud of who they are, regardless of their background, which is a problem faced by many children in the cultural “melting pot” of today’s society. Your illustrations evoke the feeling of the story and encourage children to seek and identify themselves by means of the foods, customs, traditions and environmental details and cues around them. It is a strong and uplifting celebration of diversity.

On behalf of the children and St. John the Baptist Cathedral, I thank you.


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